Parallel Parking Is Stupid

When do you ever HAVE to do this?
When do you ever HAVE to do this?

I am so furious!  Looks like I am going to have to use my emergency Xanax to teach Michael how to parallel park.  Now you have been along for this crazy existence that I call my life and you know darn good and well that there are many other times when this emergency pill is going to be needed.  But because this antiquated maneuver is still required before you can even begin the road test I am going to have to go to some deserted parking lot and try to remain calm while trying to teach my son to do something that I don’t even do well.  We would have a better chance of him teaching me how to shoot a three point shot.

There are very very few places that even offer parallel parking so it is difficult to find a place to practice. This past weekend Brad and I found ourselves standing out in the freezing drizzle pretending to be the cars in the front and back of a space.  The next time Michael utters “You just don’t trust me” I am going to punch him in the throat! Nothing says trust like a large vehicle coming out you with a teenager behind the wheel.

I am not sure why we are still being tested on this.  Why don’t we test them on something they really need to know like how to drive with your leg while you eat fries and drink a coke. I would say it is a much more likely scenario than having to parallel park.

The whole thing just makes me want to scream. We spend hundreds of dollars for driver’s ed and fifty dollars to take a road test so they can get a license and torment us further by raising our insurance rates and making laws that our teens can’t answer their phones while they are driving.  How will we ever know where they are?  One thing is for sure I know that Michael won’t be somewhere trying to parallel park.

I am starting a grass roots movement right now to abolish the parallel parking requirement. It’s too late for my child but I will feel my life has served a purpose if no other mom has to waste her emergency Xanax in such a senseless fashion.  Game on Governor Snyder!!!!!



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