New Cellphone Law Has Me Laughing Read about the new bill here!

Governor Snyder recently signed a law making it illegal for teens to talk on their cellphones while driving.  While I’m all about teens paying attention to the road and not their phones I thought the “talking” part was funny.

I haven’t seen a teenager actually put a phone to their ear since the phones had cords and they were attached to the wall.  Teens don’t talk on the phone.  They text, tweet, Instagram, snapchat and Facebook but the one thing they don’t do is talk.

Example:  Homecoming with all their friends and they are on their phones.

There was a time when cell phone minutes shared among a family would be the cause of a end of the month shouting match about who used all the minutes. Now as long as they have unlimited text and a large data package they could call less if their phones have the capability to make calls.

If by chance I do call my son, first I get silence as if he isn’t sure if he is supposed to say hello first or if I am.  Then I get the worlds shortest conversation.  He seems annoyed that his “mini computer” is ringing. If I really want to communicate with him I text.  We can text all night but talking to me on the phone is out of the question.

He is turning sixteen next week which means he will be living in his car.  I would never text him while he is driving and now apparently I can’t call him while he is driving.  I am really going to miss him.


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