Gimme A T!!!

Sorry it has been so long since my last blog but I have been very sick with a sinus infection that was followed by a terrible cold. You know the kind that moves from one side of you nose to the other. You wake up and can’t breathe and sound like Darth Vader. Steve was out of town but I know my children were very worried about me because they would stand by my bed with much concern and say things like “I don’t have any clean jeans” and “we are out of Captain Crunch”. Trust me they looked very worried. I am sure they were just transferring their concern for my well being into trivial matters such as a cereal shortage.

I ventured out to Meijer for Captain Crunch and any and all the .over the counter drugs that would offer relief to my misery. As luck would have it my Meijer has a Starbucks and I thought that a nice cup of hot tea with honey might just insure my survival during this outing. I walked up and with a voice cluttered with mucous said I would like a small hot tea. This is how it played out.

Kim: I would like a hot tea, please ….HACK, Cough!!!!

Snotty Starbuck Girl (SSG): What kind of tea?

Kim: I just want plain tea…Hack!

SSG: We don’t have regular tea but we have ….see goes on to name 24 different varieties all with different colors and names like Green Tea Zen.

Kim: Just give me the basic tea. SNEEZE

SSG: We don’t have basic tea you have to pick one. (eyes rolling)

Kim: I don’t know which one I want!!! UGH don’t you just have Lipton like tea.
At this time the mother behind me is covering her kids with hand sanitizer and saying ” Step away from that lady”. Apparently I am now a leper with no Starbucks finesse.
SSG: No, (sighing) you will have to step aside and chose a tea. NEXT!!

I am now standing in front of the squillon types of tea about to hack up a lung when I spot a familiar name. EARL GREY. Now I have no idea what color it is because I am thinking it isn’t gray but I chose it and move on.

SSG: You want Earl Grey?

Kim: Yes,I say proudly and please add honey.

I was so excited to have made the choice and so eager to calm my aching throat that I took a big gulp. You guessed it……my entire tongue and throat were scalded. I look over to see SSG smiling. Screw the Captain Crunch I am going home.



November 6, 2007 at 5:12 pm

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