I miss my ribs!!!

Things I miss about being young

1. I miss my ribs and my hip bones. I didn’t give them the reverence they deserved when I could see them and now it’s too late. I fear they are gone forever.

2. I miss my breasts being in the same spot all the time. I now know why God created armpits….that’s where your breasts go when you lie on your back after you turn forty.

3. I miss being able to bound out of bed. Ok, for those of you that know me know that I never bounded out of bed but it was because I love to sleep and not because my joints wouldn’t cooperate.

4. I miss being able to stay up past eleven o’clock and not feel like I have been run over by a Mac truck the next day. I miss the days when watching the Late Show wasn’t a big night for me.

5. I miss being able to read small print without squinting and holding it three feet from my face.

6. I miss eating spicy foods and not worrying about GAS!! Did I have gas before 40? If so I don’t remember it being so “prevalent”.

7. I miss Brad and Michael being the only ones in the house with the potential for a mustache.

8. I miss my original hair color,whatever that was.

9. I miss my kids thinking I was smart and wonderful all the time.

10. I miss believing my parents would live forever.

11. I miss thinking I had all the answers all the time.

12. I miss sneezing without fearing I was about to pee down both legs.

These are just a few of the things I miss. Some of them I could get back with a huge amount of money and a good plastic surgeon. Others are gone forever. But I will keep squinting, limping and coloring and be thankful my list is only eleven items long.



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