Ashley rode in the car with a

BOY!! Yes, you read it right and if you feel just a little nauseous then you are taking it better than I did. It all started last Friday night ( you remember, date night with the pimp?) when I was getting ready to go to dinner with Michael. I was in my bathroom getting ready and in pops Ashley. “Hey, I just ran home to get my cell phone.” she stated like it was no big deal. It took a minute for it to register that she was supposed to be at musical practice and she does not drive. When I asked her how she got home she said, “Oh, Spitter drove me.” (Spitter’s real name is Tyler but he got that nickname when the hose broke at the choir car wash and I told him just to spit shine the hood of my van and he did) After what seemed like an eternity sitting on the side of the tub I yelled to her that I needed clarification. Well, apparently Spitter wanted to go home and SHAVE before the choir lock in that night and he offered to give her a ride home to get her phone. It was getting worse!!!! She was riding in a car with a person that evidently had a five o’clock shadow.!!!! I calmly explained to her that she should always call and ask first before she got into the car with anyone other than her parents. She explained to me that she couldn’t call because DUH she had left her cell phone at home. With this she turned and walked out of my bathroom and left with a man named Spitter with a beard. I didn’t stop her because this was uncharted territory for me. Was I being over protective? Tyler-Spitter is a great kid. I know this because I did a background check at the lock in that could only be compared with and FBI background check. Even though he’s a great kid, I felt panicked just like the night I gave birth and her first day of school. I knew that from the moment I gave birth I could no longer protect her from the outside world and when she started kindergarten I knew that my days of making all the choices of snacks , play dates and views of the world were over. A big part of me doesn’t ever want her to ride in a car with a boy. I don’t want her to have her heart broken or face grown up choices. If I had it my way she would be five and we would stay home every night and I would be brushing her long curly hair while we watched Cinderella. Now I know it was just a ride home but for me it was a big deal. Y’all stick with me because if and when her dad let’s her date I will be needing a Valium drip.



October 21, 2007 at 12:46 pm

How nice it was to hear from you! Now I can keep up with your family life now too! 🙂

October 21, 2007 at 1:21 pm

Hi Kim!!! I’m so glad you finally commented. Tara told me you were checking us out and I couldn’t for the life of me remember what your blog address was. We feel the same way about you since we’ve heard about you for years!!! 🙂 This post about Ashley makes me glad I don’t have a girl! I just have 3 “Spitters” that will drive other moms crazy, I guess! Talk to you soon.

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