My son wants to be a pimp!!!

Last Friday Michael and I had a date night. He wanted to go shopping for his Halloween costume so we hit Halloween USA. The only problem was Michael wanted to be a gangster/pimp. Please see previous post regarding my son’s delusion that he is a black rapper.

After several stores and one silver necklace with a dollar sign that spins around I concluded that they don’t make gangster costumes in his size because he is TOO YOUNG TO BE A PIMP/GANGSTER!! This took much convincing on my part especially after he had the spinning dollar sign necklace. It was a long tedious process to find the perfect costume after I squashed his hopes of being the pimp. Really what compares with a purple velvet jacket trimmed in leopard? Not much! Every costume was either “gay” or “babyish” Finally after my blood sugar had dropped to about five (we had to shop BEFORE dinner, duh.) and I had listened to the creepy sounds soundtrack about twenty times he found something he could be happy wearing. Are you ready for this? He is the Burger King man. You know the guy that wear the fur lined outfit and the crown at Burger King? That’s my boy! We went from Yo Dog to Would you like fries with that which made me very happy. I just hope he doesn’t grow up to live out either dream. Keep your fingers crossed.


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