West Side Story

Yesterday I spent the day at school helping out with the Walled Lake Centrals production of West Side Story. Some of the moms supplied dinner for the kids because rehearsal ran from 2 p.m. until 8 p.m.. We got to go in and watch some of the rehearsal and I was amazed at the quality and talent of the production. I definitely know for sure that we made the right decision in sending Ashley to this school and she is loving the whole production process. To see your child happy pursuing their passion is such a privilege that I was really overwhelmed to tears. I am also peri-menopausal so it could be that as well. She’s just a freshman in the chorus so just imagine how “tore down” I’ll be if she gets a lead in a future play. Valium drip, here I come.

The other disturbing thing about seeing her all grown-up is that pretty soon I am going to need to get a life. I am so used to Ashley and I being joined at the hip that I must admit I am a little lost with her being away from home every night. She and I have always been so close and spent so much time together that I can’t imagine what I’ll do now that she is getting a life of her own. Personally, I think that is very rude of her to move one and leave me behind after I have given her the best years of my life but she seems unfazed by my dilemma.

So now I am accepting applications for a new buddy to hang out with. The requirements are as follows:

1. You must not be appalled to see me in my pajamas with my hair in a clip.

2. You must love movies and not have so much integrity that you won’t sneak your own snacks into the theatre in my big pink purse.

3. You must be able to listen to our new favorite song over and over until we are both ready to move on.

4. A sense of humor is a must . If you can’t help me point out who should or should not be wearing a tank top in a crowd you will be of no help to me.

5. You must understand that I am addicted to diet coke. I don’t really like to call it an addiction but rather a love. A understanding that I must have at least one McDonald’s diet coke with extra ice each day will make our lives much easier. This requirement is why Steve is not being considered for the position.

6. Know that I have already been to therapy so there is no need to bring it up again.

7. I am according to Tara “freakishly close” to my family. When I call my brother to get the name of a song I heard on the radio or can’t figure out where my parents could be for any length of time longer than an hour without my knowledge, there will be no rolling of the eyes on your part.

8. You must understand that I have not at the time of this posting found the perfect purse and will continue looking until this goal is accomplished. This requirement is why Michael is not being considered for the position.

If you would like to apply , just let me know. I look forward to sneaking contraband candy into the movies in my pjs with you very soon!!!




November 12, 2007 at 4:10 pm

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November 12, 2007 at 4:11 pm

oh my gosh kim! if we lived closer together (and i wasn’t in baby factory mode) we’d totally be friends. 🙂
i actually heard a song today that i used to sing with my brother at the top of our lungs and ALMOST called him to tell him about it. but someone pooped or something!
and i’d fit in with most of your other requests too – except the diet coke thing. but my sister is sooo like that so i’d understand!

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