Fitness Revolution

“I hope when I am gone, people will read my old blogs.” That was the thought running through my head as I laid on the scratchy turf trying to “plank” for thirty seconds. Nick, my trainer at Total Sports in Wixom yelled encouragement and something like “back up” when I would fall to the floor. It was the longest thirty seconds of my life but just a small fraction of Nick’s Fitness Revolution class.

The difference between the girl in this photo and me is that she can actually do it.  I couldn’t even get up on my elbows for more than ten seconds. 
Early on in my first session I realized that I had some serious problems. First and foremost I needed a real sports bra.  The one I have is just one of those flimsy bras I wear around the house on the days I don’t want to wear a real bra.  Great for lounging not so great for running.
My next realization (along with the fact that I needed at least two liters of oxygen) was that silk undies and yoga pants don’t mix.  I spent a great deal of time hiking up my pants.  This extra effort was using energy that I really needed to survive the hour.
I started out strong and was very proud of myself until I figured out we were only doing the warm-ups.  If there was just a warm up class I could totally rock it.  I’m just saying.
By the thirty minute mark I was wheezing, sweating in places I can’t speak of and Nick’s cute trainer smile was beginning to scare me.  Wasn’t he worried about me?  Didn’t he want to take my pulse? I was a newcomer and I thought I should at least get a worried glance.  The only thing that kept me going was that I was absolutely not going to die with my bangs pulled back in a clip.  Even near death I have my standards.
There was no clock and I wasn’t sure I could trust Nick to stop at one hour.  He really looked like he was having fun and loved his job.  Please Lord , don’t let him decide to put in a little overtime.
More running, squats, more running, lunges, more running.  Are you getting the idea?  He was alternating pain and torture and doing it quite effectively.  The hour ended and I was still alive. Barely but I still had a pulse and my pants hadn’t fallen down.  Not bad for me for my first time.
So I survived session one of twenty. It was not pretty and as I type I can feel my muscles locking up.  By Thursday I will probably need one of those mouth sticks to type my blog.
But I will be back again on Thursday to whip this body into shape.  Join me, it’s worth it just to watch me run.  Call Nick the smiling revolution leader at 248-669-9817.


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