Easy Bake Oven

Last night we celebrated Christmas early because we are traveling for the holidays.

My children always have wish lists full of all kinds of electronics and media items. Every year it seems there is a new latest and greatest item that is a must have. Usually there is one gift that “takes the cake” and leaves the kids jumping up and down with excitement. Last year it was the WiI. This year it should have been the iPad and the X-Box 360 but they were beaten out by a classic.

When all the gifts were opened, the gift to beat all gifts was Michaels gift to Ashley. He got her an Easy Bake Oven.

Yes I realize she is 17 and has been using the real oven in the kitchen for years but he knew she would love this gift. Why? Because ten years ago this Christmas she received an Easy Bake Oven. I proceeded to put the wrong size bulb inside and it wouldn’t work and we could never get the bulb out.

Time passed and I suppose I should have purchased another one for her. I didn’t. Put that on the long list of things I should have done as a parent.

So for the last seven years every time we see one on t.v. or in a store she makes this comment. “There’s the Easy Bake Oven ….you know the one I was robbed of in my childhood.”. It has become a big joke in our family but secretly I think she always felt slighted.

Thank you Michael for righting one of my many parenting wrongs. Now if I can just resolve all the other items on my list of parenting debacles she will be ready to face the world.




December 17, 2010 at 5:10 pm

This makes me laugh! Kids are SO funny!

I can SO see this happening, and my oldest is only 10.

Isn’t parenting fun? lol

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