Fly Naked And Stand Up For The Best Price

spirit airlinesI love a bargain. I will bargain hunt for anything and I love the feeling I get when I think I have saved money.  My theory is the money I saved buying one thing can be used to purchase something else.  Not exactly the Dave Ramsey method but it works for me and I have a purse and shoe collection to prove it.

I recently booked a flight to Dallas for $132.  I must say I felt very smug when I clicked the purchase button and believed I had once again become a victor in the retail game. All the money I was saving was going to buy me some sexy cowboy boots when I landed in the great state of Texas.

That was before I realized a few things.  You see on Spirit Airlines everything is an add on.  Want a seat? Oops that’s going to cost you extra. Need to bring and check a bag? Extra. Carry on bag larger than a pantyliner? Extra. Want a soft drink on the flight? Pull out your credit cared.

There was even a $100 fee if you didn’t print your boarding pass at home and they had to print it at the counter. Add in the fact that their luggage weight limit was ten pounds lighter than their competitors and I felt like I had been violated and they hadn’t even bought me dinner.

By my calculations the only way to save by traveling with Spirit is to travel naked and stand during the flight.



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