Lunch Made With Love

Michael riding in homecoming paradeIf you ask anyone, especially my fiancee, they will tell you that my son Michael is spoiled.  I prefer to think of him as well taken care of but the numbers are not in my favor.  So far I am the only one voting for “well taken care of “. What can I say? As a Southern woman I was taught to take good care of the men in my life.  My philosophy is spoil’em rotten and worship the ground they walk on. From doing his laundry to late night Slurpee runs, there is nothing I won’t do for my bitty baby boy.

With that said you can imagine my surprise when a  few weeks ago my son asked me if I would pack a lunch for him.  I said yes and his response was “really, like a real mom does?”.  I was more than a little taken aback by his surprise.  I began to question him about how many of his friend’s moms packed their lunches and he informed me they all did.  I couldn’t get any proof to back this up but I was shocked that my poor child had been sitting down to a school made lunch everyday when all his buddies were eating lunches made with love.  I had failed him and I hung my head in shame.

I jumped into action and started making sandwiches and packing the perfect lunch bag.  Applesauce, cookies and chips were just a few of the items I picked up at the store to start Operation Made With Love (and made just a tiny bit better than the other moms).  I found nice napkins and wrapped them around spoons for his applesauce.  For a finishing touch I wrote I love you on the napkin with a sharpie.  That would have to do until I could get some printed with fun and witty sentiments on them.

Son worshiping can be exhausting but totally worth it. Let’s just pray he has a long engagement so I will have adequate time to train my replacement.






November 15, 2013 at 7:40 am

Hey, you gotta worship your own son!

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