Jaw sugar

At the shower there was the cutest baby. He looked just like Michael – big head and no hair. He was so cute that I just had to hold him. I scooted next to the woman who appeared to be his grandmother and asked if I could hold him. She said “why goodness yes” and handed over the little one. After I had gotten lots of “jaw sugar” and a HUGE amount of teething drool I turned to hand him back and she was gone. By gone I don’t mean stepped closer to the cake table I mean Gone!! There I stood with this baby who was quickly changing from precious to big drooling blob and I had no idea who he belonged to . My family was no help so I was stuck. After several minutes and lots of spit ( it was a one sided wet tshirt contest by this time) his mom came up ot us and said “well , I wondered where he had gotten away to ” Where he had gotten away to ? He was six months old, shaped like a Weeble and so slick with spit he couldn’t have gotten away if he tried. I tell this story for Jennifer because I know she will be aghast to hear of the forgotten baby!!!!!! (the names have been omitted so she can’t report them to the authorities)



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