Cleaning for the cleaning lady!! HELP!!

Every four weeks I have two ladies that come to my house and clean. It is wonderful and I love it but it also stresses me out. I spend all day cleaning up for the cleaning ladies. Am I crazy?

If you remember this is the lady that told me my kitchen rug was ugly and needed to be replaced so I am somewhat concerned about her judging me. I don’t know why I care but I do. I just spent all morning straightening up and hiding clutter that I will never be able to find again. Papers will be lost forever, receipts will be discarded and dirty laundry will be hidden in my closet. I hide it there so she won’t think my laundry room is a mess. Because I have thrown away the receipts I will now be judged by the clerk at the Service desk at Target because I don’t have a receipt. I think I need an anonymous cleaning crew so I don’t think about about my shower scum or my dust bunnies. I can just pretend that they think “why does she need us this house looks great”. What makes us so crazy that we can’t just let it be? I have gotten better over the years. I allow my friends in my house to view the “non-perfect” life we lead but I just can’t let the cleaning lady know. I mean it should be obvious to her that I don’t have time to deep clean or I wouldn’t have hired her. In a way my clutter should be considered her job security, don’t you think? By not being a neat freak I am probably allowing her to put her brilliant children thru college and they will become doctors and cure some horrific disease. If only I could clean as well as I rationalize I could have been shopping all morning. Oh well…..


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