Back to School

I love the back to school season. It is so full of possibilities and promise. New notebooks, clothes and plans to make this the best year ever.

Every August I become energized with the thought that this year will be the year I will be super organized. That usually last until early October.

DREAM: I will have a three ring binder with a tab for each child for all their important papers.
REALITY: Most important papers will be filed above my visor. After missing the deadline I will drive them to school where I will sign them with a highlighter (because even though we purchased 75 pencils that is all I can find) before rushing them to the office.

DREAM: I will have extra money stashed in the cabinet for all the times my child will need money for pizza day or bagel day.
REALITY: I will write at least two checks out to the school for under five dollars.

DREAM: Each morning I will awaken 30 minutes before my children. I will greet them with a warm breakfast and having read the paper will be ready to discuss current events over eggs.
REALITY: I will attempt to roll over and glance at my kids as they get dressed for school so if I have to report them missing I can give an accurate description.

DREAM: Every day I will check Skyward Family Access to determine if my child has turned in assignments and see what they had for lunch each day.
REALITY: I will check for grades every week or so and only check the lunch account when I need to find out how on earth Michael went through $100 worth of lunch money in three weeks.

DREAM: I will join and volunteer for the PTA and NEVER miss a meeting.
REALITY: I will join (because it is only five bucks) but won’t be able to make the meeting because they always occur on the same night as “Real Housewives of New Jersey”.

DREAM: I will scrapbook each event during the year as it happens while it is still fresh in my mind.
REALITY: I will pull an all nighter two days before Ashley’s open house.



August 20, 2010 at 7:29 am

Keeping it real as always…love it!

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