Good Moms Are Good Maters

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Every time I think I have it all together and I am rocking this mom stuff I get reminded by my teenager of how off the mark I am.

Apparently my ability to incorrectly mate socks is a sign that I am not getting this whole mom thing down.

I made the grievous error of mating two Nike Elite socks as a large and an extra large. You can stop reading for a moment if you need to say a silent prayer for me.  How could I have been so blind? That must be at least a ten on the neglect meter.  There is probably a direct hotline to Child Protective Services just for Nike Elite mishaps like these. I mean really after I paid 16.00 a pair for them the least I could do is show them the respect of getting them mated correctly.

Only Gains Since Last Loss ( Grief and Girdles)

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It has been twenty pounds since anyone in our family has passed away.

I know this for sure because recently I lost my dear Aunt Mary.  She was my grandmother’s sister and one of the people I admired most in the world.  I knew when I heard that I had to make the trip down for her funeral and began to prepare for my trip.