A few days ago my friend Jim and I were scouting locations for our next review. We came across a restaurant with a small bar attached and decided to go in and check it out.

Jim immediately takes out his camera and starts taking test shots. This is why he is the perfect journalism partner for me. I own a very expensive impressive “I know what I am doing” camera but in all reality I have no idea how to use it. Jim on the other hand can take his camera and change some buttons around and make magic happen. He was making the magic happen while I was checking out the bar.

The first thing I noticed was that all the televisions in the bar were tuned to American Idol. Odd I thought because every bar I have been to has been all sports, all the time. The second thing I noticed was that all the bartenders were HOT! Gorgeorus guys with tight black t-shirts and very muscular arms. I was liking this assignment.

After I had taken a good long look at the bartenders, I realized that most of the patrons were anything but excited about Jim shooting test shots. One man even went so far as to cover his face with a napkin. Odd I thought. It’s not because he is here with an woman he isn’t supposed to be with because there are no women in the bar. And that’s when it hit me. This was a bar for gentlemen. These gentlemen did not want to be photographed and the gentleman I was with had not clue what was going on.

This had not occurred to Jim because he was in his own little world of lighting and aperture setting and getting the perfect shot before he actually started surveying the subjects.

I discreetly tried to get his attention by saying “Jim, I don’t think some of these people want to be photographed.”. He replied “Oh, I will ask them before I actually shoot them.”

After a couple of more attempts at being subtle I finally asked him if he was interested in dating any of these guys. He looked at me like I was crazy as I walked him out the door.

It was sort of funny how oblivious he was to the situation. He was just shooting away and had not idea what was going on around him. I quickly explained how I had figured it out and why I was so eager to leave.

That’s why I am a good journalism partner for him…I keep him from an awkward come on from one of the beefy guys at the bar. Aren’t we good team?


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