Things Every Freshman Parent Needs To Know

Having your first-born become a high school freshman is a lot like giving birth.  It’s painful, messy and not at all like you expected. Worst of all there are no drugs this time around to take away the pain. Be ready to […]

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Welcome To Heidi–I Have A Sister!!

I have always dreamed that one day I would find the sister I never had and that we would wear the same size shoes. After reading Heidi Clements new book, Welcome To Heidi, I’m convinced that she’s the one.  How can someone […]

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Xanax, Cheap Wine And Green Folders

Crayons, crying kids, frazzled moms and missing folders are sure signs that back to school shopping is upon us. Just take a look the next time you go to Target.  You can spot the panic on the faces of the parents and literally […]

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Basement Boys

  For the past four years I have been blessed with a group of boys inhabiting my home, particularly my basement. I affectionately call them “the basement boys”. I have watched as they have grown from young boys into men. Their peach fuzz has […]

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Sex Spreadsheet Questions

I really feel sorry for the guy that decided to chronicle the fact that he can’t get laid by his own wife using a Sex Spreadsheet.  Apparently every time he offered up his “services” and she declined he documented it complete with a […]

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Distracted Driving Laws: I Hope Orange Really Is The New Black!

There is a good chance I am going to jail. Starting July 20, 2014 the Michigan State police are going to crack down on the offenders of the distracted driving law and step up their enforcement. Distractions are any thing that keeps […]

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Three Step Program

Today I thought about sticking a fork in my eye for pain relief. I assumed if I maimed myself that they would send me home from work. I really needed to be home under the covers with my emergency Xanax under my […]

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Teenage Dementia

I am very afraid that my son has E.O.A.D. (early onset adolescent dementia) otherwise known as a P.I.M.A.( pain in my ass). I started to notice the symptoms as soon as he was able to talk.  “I forgot” became a common phrase […]

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Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelets

If there is one accessory I have purchased in the last year that I can’t live without it’s my Victoria Emerson wrap bracelet! I own the clear crystal with brown leather and I wear it with everything from my scrubs to my dressy outfits. Go check […]

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Divorce And The Bikini Wax

I had the privilege of attending the 2014 Erma Bombeck Writers Conference in April of this year.  Please take a moment to enjoy my stand up routine from that event. Divorce and Bikini Wax: Both Painful and Expensive