Miracle on Darlene Drive

A miracle occurred in our home this week. Not we didn’t find the image of Jesus in a potato chip or anything like that but it was quite impressive.

My son Michael came into my bedroom and asked for a piece of paper. He said he wanted to make a list of the things he needed to take to school the next day so he wouldn’t forget anything. I sat straight up in bed. My son was thinking ahead and making a list? Planning ahead? Where was that going to leave me in the morning?

By 9 a.m. the office ladies would report me missing if they didn’t see me frantically rushing toward them. They are accustomed to me in my pajama pants with my hair in a clip trying to discreetly drop off an item Michael had forgotten. What would I eat for breakfast if I didn’t swing by McDonalds on my way home from Walnut Creek? His planning miracle had thrown my daily routine in to a tizzy!

I will admit that my bitty baby boy growing up and no longer needing me made me a little sad. But I was proud that he was thinking ahead and becoming more organized. We were turning a corner.

This miracle lasted for approximately two days. I received a frantic text while grocery shopping that he had forgotten his basketball socks. My baby was back and for this drop off I was showered and dressed. All was right in my world once again.



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