Maybe the dingo ate my baby or

maybe she is just entering High School. Either way my baby is missing and I would love to find her but like with the dingo I am afraid she is gone. She looks so mature and beautiful and smart and I wish for her all the great things that can come with high school and none of the bad. I want her to wear big sweatshirts to fall football games, I want her to find a few friends that she can reallly trust and I want her to have a friend that’s a boy that maybe in a few years could become more. I want her to manage her caseload and know that grades are a big important part of her h.s. experience. and so that when she discovers what her passion is in life she can find a college that wants to help her work toward them. But most of all i want her to know how much I love her and how proud I am of her.


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