Isn’t there anyone I can call about this?

My children started school this week. As many of you know my favorite color is school bus yellow and my favorite site is the back of their little heads in September. Please don’t judge me if you are childless until you have played Julie McCoy cruise director for three months to two children who are chronically BORED!!

Well this year the road crews have dealt me a harsh blow. My daughter and son have had the quickest route to their schools blocked by road construction. Being that we are surrounded by lakes there is only one other route. I haven’t seen so much anger and frustration since I stepped on the scales after baby number two. Now I have inflicted pain upon myself for allowing my daughter to chose her high school so I have to drive her at 6:45 every morning but now I also have to drive my son because his bus (due to the construction) is 45 minutes late to school. Now each morning I will leave my home in my pajamas with a jumbo diet coke to drive two kids to two different schools. I am sure it is karma for all those years of glee and bliss at the sound of the school bus coming down the street but I am really concerned for the safety of the kids and all the others on the road. There has to be someone I can call who will make it all better?!!


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