I shop by weight….

for my groceries now. I don’t remember grocery shopping being such an ordeal. I used to take both kids and shop and now just completing the task alone seems like too much. Lately I have noticed that I don’t want to buy things that are heavy. I stared at a 24 pack of coke yesterday and actually groaned. I knew I was just too tired to put it in the cart, take it out and put in on the conveyor(why don’t they have a code for heavy stuff so you don’t have to take it out of the cart?_Put it back in the cart , load it in the car and unload it at home. It just wasn’t a committment I was willing to make. I can only committ to a 12 pack and that is if I am having a really good day and I am not PMSing. Dog food, forget it. I would rather go thru the drive thru and feed my dog cheeseburgers than haul a huge bag of food. I know I am destined to be one of those people with the little carts. You know the ones, they have the short carts and can always legally be in the express lane. I used to think they were so efficient and frugal but now I know the truth…they are just plain tired!!

For those of you that are saying , Doesn’t she have two strong kids to help her? I say you need to get back on you meds.



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