Hungry Houdini goes to Kroger

Today I wrangled Michael into going to the grocery store with me. I find taking a teenager along is very beneficial when it comes to loading and unloading the groceries. If you wait until you get home to enlist their assistance it is much more difficult to pull them off the couch.

The first problem I encountered was that Michael was very hungry when we arrived at Kroger. This caused my cart to fill quickly with delicacies like pizza, super charged goldfish and potato chips. It’s hard to say no when your child looks like a kid at Christmas when he sees food. I just couldn’t say no to that sweet face.
Which leaves me confused about the second problem. When we got to the check out I kept seeing items that I didn’t remember placing in the cart. Apparently he was not only hungry but very slick when it came to securing additional items. His stealth hand movements had led to the purchase of white cheddar cheese popcorn, ramen noodles and various flavors of jell-o.
I was with him during the entire shopping trip and never saw those items make their way into the cart.
Just goes to show you should never take a hungry Houdini to Kroger.


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