Overweight? What Else Is New?

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icons_2My Caribbean vacation began one snowy cold morning around 3:15 a..m.  For those of you that now me that is early for me to be functional and upright.

However since I was leaving the cold for a warm sandy beach with my sweetheart I was in a wonderful mood and ready to travel.  That was until they weighed my suitcase.

I don’t really understand why that in the past few years it has become so important to have your suitcase weigh under fifty pounds.  Every time I ask I get some b.s. answer about balancing the plane, blah, blah, blah….  If that is true how in the world did we ever balance the plane before this rule? And won’t all the guys that only pack three things make up for all of us women that pack everything but the Christmas tree?  Sounds perfectly logical to me. And if I am having to pay $25.00 for my bag to fly shouldn’t I be able to pack what I want? I digress.