T.S.A. Help Me Understand

Can someone please explain to me why it is now o.k. to carry a knife on to an airplane but you practically get arrested when you try to bring four ounces of conditioner in your carry on ? What do they think I am going to do over condition the pilot’s hair until it falls in his eyes and then I take over the plane?
I am beyond perplexed.  The T.S.A. came out with new guidelines (right before I am ready to travel I might add) that say you can carry large baseball bats, hockey sticks and knives with a 2.36 inch blade on airplanes.  But don’t get hysterical with fear people, the hand lotion and Dove body wash is still off limits. [Continue Reading]

Leaving The Nest

On February 17 I will be doing something I have never done or even wanted to think about doing. I will be putting each of my children on different airplanes to different destinations ALONE! Well they won’t exactly be alone because Ashley will be traveling with a group to New York and Michael will be traveling with his grandmother to Nebraska to see my brother.

When I say alone I mean they won’t have their mama!!!! I know they will be fine. I have raised very responsible resourceful young people. They have both traveled extensively and Ashley has even traveled internationally. Their abilities are not the problem. The problem is my ability to send them off and give up what little imaginary control I still have over their lives.

I take my role as a mother very seriously. I try to be there for the kids and anticipate their needs. Sniffles? I am off to CVS for all the things they will need to make them feel better. Hungry, thirsty, tired or need your shirt ironed? I am there.

Without me will they be wandering around New York and Nebraska with a runny nose, hungry, thirsty and wrinkled? I must admit of the four the wrinkled part bothers me more than anything…LOL.

So I am asking that February 17 be a day of prayer for me. I will need all the support and courage I can muster to send my babies out into the big cruel world without me.

After you say a prayer, stop by with a bottle of wine. I will just be wondering around my house looking for something to iron……