30 Year Reunion

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Today in the mail I received an invitation to my 30 year class reunion.  Yes, you read that right! I have been out of high school for THIRTY YEARS!!!  Holy

Sammie Strikes Again

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My grandmother is one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet.  She’s classy and smart and has worked hard all her life.  Sometimes she looks so sweet and grandmother-like

Southern Mother Uncensored

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Southern mothers have always been very “free” with their advice and opinions.  You never have to wonder what my mother thinks about my outfit, my kids or my personal life.  But lately she has felt the need to dole out her advice to others especially her cleaning lady.

Mother has her house cleaned every Wednesday.  It’s just a small two bedroom apartment but she supervises the job like she’s the caretaker of the governor’s mansion. The women are from an agency and in the past year she has gone through three of them.

The first one became a little” too familiar” with mothers debit card and on their weekly trips to the Dollar Store she would just pick up a few things for herself.  After a trip to the store mother looked her in the eye, shook her debit card in her face and said “I’m on to you missy!” . We never saw her again.

Tupperware For Titties

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http://www.jockey.com/Home/Bra Last weekend as I was browsing around the Jockey store I noticed a very cool display.  There was  pitcher of water and measuring taps and what looked like odd

Favorite Things For Summer

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Word on the street is that it is supposed to be spring around here but the temperature is still dipping close to freezing at night. All this cold weather has left me nothing to do but shop online and drink wine. Lucky for you I have found some hot and fun items for the summer and all you have to do is click on the link and purchase.  My mission is to feed your shopping addiction.  Fabulous loves company!

Love it! Love it!
Love it! Love it!


1. This beautiful necklace was literally screaming my name.  I love all things monogrammed and shiny so this was perfect.

Browse other fabulous items at Monogramsical and tell them I sent you.



Daycare and Diesel And…

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icons_8…Things That Go Boom In The Night

Spring has finally sprung and the time has come to open up the windows and let in some fresh air.  The birds are chirping and you can hear lawn mowers off in the distance, unless that is you have neighbors like mine.

I live directly behind an elderly couple.  She runs a daycare and he shoots off fireworks randomly all year long.  Don’t they sound lovely?