YETI Addicted

yetiMy newest and most favorite addiction has to be my Yeti Rambler. When my  husband first purchased his I thought it was just another gadget for him to take golfing. He explained to me that it keeps liquid “as cold as scientifically possible”. (insert eyer roll here).

When he opened his cup after it had been sitting in a hot car for six hours I was impressed.  It was full of ice!

After the first night I was hooked! When I woke up there was ice and cold diet coke waiting on my nightstand. Now I’m like a baby with a pacifier. I can’t go anywhere without my Yeti.  As a Southern girl of course I had mine monogrammed.

Add a Yeti to your collection of must haves! I promise you won’t regret it.

Love Gorjana




Birthday divas

Back row:Teresa, Daphne,Renee,Jan,Dana,Monica,Linda

Front row: Me, Lisa and Lisa





Loving my new Gorjana bracelet that I received from my fellow Divas for my 51st birthday.  Check them out! Layer the bracelets or wear them alone and you’ll be fabulous! Be sure to wear them on birthday braceletthe same arm as this beautiful purse.

Favorite Things For Summer

Word on the street is that it is supposed to be spring around here but the temperature is still dipping close to freezing at night. All this cold weather has left me nothing to do but shop online and drink wine. Lucky for you I have found some hot and fun items for the summer and all you have to do is click on the link and purchase.  My mission is to feed your shopping addiction.  Fabulous loves company!

Love it! Love it!

Love it! Love it!


1. This beautiful necklace was literally screaming my name.  I love all things monogrammed and shiny so this was perfect.

Browse other fabulous items at Monogramsical and tell them I sent you.


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